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Introducing Latin Zumba

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Through dance and movement, students in our sessions enhance their health, strength, and well-being in a laid-back and enjoyable setting.  Come see why Zumba has been a global phenomenon for 20 years by joining us.  

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About Latin Zumba

Get ready to groove and move with Zumba! It's the ultimate dance fitness party that will have you sweating, smiling, and feeling incredible. Created by dance expert Beto Perez, Zumba combines contagious music with easy-to-follow dance steps, making it a workout that feels like pure joy. Whether you're a dancing pro or a complete beginner, Zumba welcomes everyone to let loose and have a blast while getting fit. Burn calories, tone your body, and experience the energy of Zumba. Join the fun and discover the power of dance fitness today!

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Zumba Fitness

Say goodbye to boring workouts and hello to Zumba Fitness! Our dance-based fitness classes are designed to make exercise feel like a party. With simple yet effective moves set to Latin and world rhythms, you'll be sweating and smiling in no time. Don't worry if you're not a dancer – our classes are open to everyone, regardless of experience. You can work at your own pace and unleash your inner dance superstar. Join us and discover the fun, energy, and fitness benefits of Zumba today!


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